Shaft-hub Hydraulic Connection Technology

Quick Installation and Dismount, Easy Maintenance

Application of Pascal Law

Years ago, scientist Blaise Pascal found the principle of liquid delivering pressure. Liquid will exert pressure evenly to the wall of its container who has a certain shape. With this principle, we have successfully developed many high quality products, among which is Hydraulic Coupling — a new generation power transmission device.
With an external working pump, inject a certain amount of hydraulic pressure medium into the interlayer of a shaft hub. Under the influence of hydraulic pressure medium, the wall of shaft hole side will deform and tightly hold shaft. As a consequence, an interference fitting occurs between the shaft and the hub in order to transmit torque.
With applying the principle, BASKA hydraulic coupling are featured by compact design, quick installation, easy positioning, small vibration, high transmission efficiency, no joint surface damage and quick removal. These characteristics will help clients to save more time and cost, creating more value.
Traditional Keyed Connection
Traditional Power Lock
BASKA Shaft-hub Hydraulic

Comparison with Traditional Connection Methods

Machining key groove will weaken the intensity and loading capacity of shaft
The surfaces of the shaft and bore become worn to some extent, even with a heavy puller
Stress concentration and damage is often the case when not installed in right procedure
Time-consuming and labor-intensive when mounting and dismounting

Typical Procedure of Installation and Uninstallation

Typical Application

 Cold fitting and dismount, hydraulic coupling works as a standard configuration of permanent magnetic motor
Traditional key connection needs heating when install and dismantle the coupling, and so does the locking bushing connection when dismantle though heating is not needed when installing. Since high temperature will demagnetize the permanent magnet in the motor, which further leads to the motor’s failure and even scrapped. While hydraulic coupling can solve the problem above as shaft-hub hydraulic connection method can achieve cold fitting and dismantle.
Quick installation and dismantle, hydraulic coupling helps solve the “last kilometer” problem of permanent magnetic motor.
Although the use of permanent magnetic motor helps gearbox and high rotation speed coupling and such devices free from maintenance, which realizes toothless power transmission; however, it is inevitable to install and dismantle coupling when replacing the motor. Traditional connection methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and also need special equipment. And during operating process, there is potential danger to somewhat extent. Using BASKA’s hydraulic coupling can realize quick installation and dismantle as there is no need for special equipment, so that the problem above is perfectly resolved. And this largely increases the permanent magnetic motor’s value, and thus solves the “last kilometer” problem of the motor.
Application to Various Coupling Types
BASKA Helps Intelligent Mines Construction
In recent years, China speeds up intelligent construction of mines. As the degrees of mechanization, automation, informationization and intelligence have been continuously improved, the requirements for mine intelligent equipment are becoming higher and higher. The deep integration of new generation information technology and mining equipment has become a general trend.
Intelligent Monitoring Platform
For this purpose, BASKA has developed a coupling intelligent monitoring platform to help the construction of smart mines in China. Through the intelligent monitoring platform, the cavity pressure and temperature of hydraulic coupling can be monitored intelligently and remotely in real time. When abnormality occurred, for instance, the cavity pressure of hydraulic coupling is lower than the set value, or drops dramatically, the pressure and temperature data will be immediately uploaded to the platform centralized control center for early warning. As a result, the intelligent monitoring ensures the safe and stable operation of the transmission system.
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