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The 17th Ordos International Coal and Energy Industry Expo is about to open, and Bashka invites you to gather at the coal industry event!

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Exhibition Overview

The 17th Ordos City International Coal and Energy Industry Expo with the theme of "green low-carbon, science and technology leading, win-win future" is scheduled to be held in Ordos City from May 6 to 8, 2023, with an exhibition area of 100000 square meters. More than 3000 well-known domestic and foreign energy industry enterprises, research institutes, high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises, energy equipment manufacturing enterprises are invited to participate in the exhibition. Comprehensively gather, showcase, exchange, and promote new products, technologies, achievements, solutions, and application scenarios of domestic and foreign traditional energy/new energy/scientific research institutions in coal green mining technology, clean and low-carbon, green transformation, digital energy, smart mine construction, etc; Widely carry out investment promotion, expand exchanges and cooperation, promote project implementation, master advanced technology, enhance equipment manufacturing capabilities, and support high-quality development of the energy industry.

Since 2006, the Ordos International Coal and Energy Industry Expo has been successfully held for 16 times. It is the first brand of China's energy industry exhibition. It has witnessed the construction process of Ordos coal and energy industry, the comprehensive development of Ordos economy and society, and the rise of Coal in China; Nowadays, it is actively promoting the low-carbon, green, intelligent, and high-end development of China's energy industry, injecting new momentum into the high-quality development of China's energy industry.

Bashka exhibits display

The exhibits mainly include: intelligent transmission type hydraulic quick release snake spring coupling, hydraulic quick release type permanent magnet torque limiter, drum tooth coupling, friction torque limiter, DSN backstop, etc., all of which are our main products.

The coupling intelligent monitoring platform developed by Bashka can assist in the construction of smart mines in China. The intelligent monitoring platform can remotely, online, and intelligently monitor the pressure and temperature of the hydraulic coupling chamber. In case of abnormalities, it can provide timely warning and achieve intelligent monitoring to ensure the safe and stable operation of the transmission system.

The Bashka hydraulic quick release permanent magnet torque limiter has the technological advantage of high efficiency and energy conservation. During operation, it can reduce the peak starting current of the motor, reduce the duration of surge, and achieve different energy-saving effects by adjusting the slip rate. This feature actively responds to the government's carbon peaking and carbon neutrality policies, and efficiently supports the achievement of the national carbon neutrality goals.

Bashka always adheres to the "craftsman spirit" and focuses on producing transmission series products. The company has multiple models of couplings, torque limiters, and backstops, which have undergone different precision processing before being produced and launched.

A professional and modern high-tech enterprise who integrates research, development, design, manufacture, sales and services.



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