Power Plant

Power Plant

Jordan Attarat 2x235MW Oil Shale Power Plant Project

Jordan Attarat oil shale power plant project is located in Jordan, and the construction includes oil shale mine, 2 × 235MW oil shale power plant, etc. As original supplier, BASKA provides various types of grid couplings for belt conveyor, spreader machine, crusher and other equipment used in the project. The main integrating manufacturer are Flsmidth Trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Chengke Transmission Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd., and etc.

Products: Grid Couplings, Flange Couplings, Elastomer Pin Coupling.

Shanghaimiao Shuangwei Power Plant Project

BASKA signed contract with Shanghai Golden Bridge, Sichuan Zigong Conveying Machine Group Co., Ltd, and Jiangsu Shanxin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, providing grid couplings and backstops for Shanghaimiao Shuangwei Power Plant Project.

Shihezi Tianhe Thermal Power Plant Project

BASKA signed contract with Xinjiang TIanfu Energy to provide grid couplings and spare parts for Shihezi Tianhe Thermal Power Plant Project.

CHN Energy Zhoushan Power Plant Project

BASKA signed contract with Ningbo Huachen Conveying Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd to provide hydraulic grid couplings for Zhoushan Power Plant Project.

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