Open Pit Coal Mine

Open Pit Coal Mine

Pakistan Thar Project

Thar coal mine is located in the southeastern of Sindh Province Mithi County near Thar desert, which is the largest coal mine found in Pakistan so far. The coal reserves are about 175 billion tons, and the low sulfur coal mine which is suitable for generating electricity. BASKA provides 13 sets of grid couplings for the Thar project, which are used in crushers and belt conveyors. The project’s general contractor is MMD Company, and the integrating manufacturer is Shanghai Keda Heavy Industry Group Co. Ltd. All products have been successfully delivered and put into operation.

Huineng Changtan Openpit coal mine

BASKA signed cooperation agreement with FLSmidth Trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd, and Ningxia Tiandi Northwest Coal Machine Limited Company, to provide grid couplings and flange couplings for Huineng changtan openpit coal mine

CHN Energy Xinjiang Wucaiwan Zhundong Open Pit Coal Mine

BASKA singed contract with Jiaozuo Creation Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, providing products for belt conveyors. Products are hydraulic grid couplings, normal grid couplings.

Xinjiang Tianchi Energy Zhundong Open Pit Coal Mine

BASKA signed contract with NHI Group Co., Ltd, to provide backstop products for Zhundong open pit coal mine.

Xinjiang Heishan Open Pit Coal Mine

BASKA reached cooperation with Dadi Engineer Development Group and China Coal Engineering Group, provided Intelligent type hydraulic grid couplings, backstops for Xinjiang Heishan open pit coal mine, of which the largest model is GS1210.

Huolinhe South Open Pit Coal Mine

BASKA cooperated with Inner Mongolia Huolinhe open pit mining corporation to provide hydraulic grid couplings for Huolinhe South Open Pit Coal Mine.

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