Tibet Julong Copper Mine Belt Conveyor Project

BASKA signed contract with Thyssen Krupp Industrial Solutions (China) Ltd to provide coupling products for belt conveyor. The project is located in high altitude and cold area of Tibet, and the highest altitude of equipment layout is 5170m. BASKA products meet all the requirement of the project’s geographical location and environmental conditions, such as humidity, altitude, temperature, thawing, ultraviolet and other factors.

Products: Grid Coupling, Gear Coupling, Flange Coupling

Ecuador Mirador Cooper Mine Project

Mirador Cooper Mine is located in Zamora-Chinchipe Province in Ecuador, and the main output is cooper ore with a 20 million tons per year. BASKA as original manufacturer, has cooperated with several integrating manufacturer partners, and provided a number of hydraulic grid couplings. The couplings are applied on spreader and belt conveyors, of which the largest motor power of drive end is 1400kW.

Products: Normal Grid Coupling, Hydraulic Grid Coupling

Jiangxi Copper Corperation Dexing Copper Mine Project

BASKA signed contracts with Wuxi ENG Heavy Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd, Dexing Xunya Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, provided hydraulic pin coupling and flange coupling products for Dexing Copper Mine. The couplings are applied on belt conveyors and pumps.

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