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Good news! Boffa Bauxite Mine Project in Guinea Won the National Quality Engineering Award

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Recently, the China Construction Enterprise Management Association announced the list of the first batch of national quality engineering awards (overseas projects) for 2022-2023, among which the Boffa Bauxite mine project in Guinea, which is a cooperation between Bashka and Huadian Heavy Industries, is on the list.


The National High Quality Engineering Award was established in 1981 and is recognized by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council as the earliest, highest standard, cross industry, and cross professional national quality award in the field of engineering construction in China. The evaluation of this award covers all important procedures and links in the whole Process engineering of project quality from project establishment to completion acceptance. It is the highest honor award in terms of engineering construction quality in China.

The Boffa Bauxite Mine Project in Guinea, invested and constructed by Aluminum Corporation of China Limited in Guinea, is the core project of the cooperation between China and Guinea in the development of Bauxite resources in Guinea. It is also the "pacesetter" of the "the Belt and Road" jointly built by Chinalco Group, the "bridgehead" of Chinalco Group in promoting the "two seas" strategy, and the first overseas large-scale aluminum project of Chinalco.

The project was started in November 2018, and the whole set of transportation system was successfully debugged once on April 6, 2020. On October 25, 2022, on the fourth anniversary of the commencement of the Boffa Bauxite Project in Chinalco Guinea, the cumulative shipment volume of the project exceeded 30 million tons, providing a solid resource guarantee for stabilizing the aluminum oxide production of Chinalco.

The Boffa Bauxite Mine Project of Chinalco Guinea in cooperation between Bashka and Huadian Heavy Industries is one of the typical cases in which Bashka actively participates in the national strategy and regional coordinated development strategy and responds to the national call for "the the Belt and Road" construction. Bashka provides 20 sets of serpentine spring coupling products for the project to be matched. This belt conveyor belongs to a long-distance and high inclination off-road conveyor, with a total length of 24km and a lifting height of about 20m. It is currently the belt conveyor system in China and Guinea with the highest belt speed, the largest transportation volume, the most complex operating conditions and tension system, and the longest transportation distance in open-pit mines.

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